Difference Between Servo Motors and Stepper Motors

Many area unit underneath the misunderstanding that there area unit immense variations between servo motors and stepper motors. Here, we have a tendency to plan to dispel the notion and supply a additional realistic read.

Torque. A stepper motor has concerning an equivalent force as a comparably sized servo motor frame. A servo motor offers an extra time-dependent peak toque rating, a additional versatile speed curve, and better performance however a properly sized stepper motor might assist you understand a far better value savings over a servo. it's vital to notice but, that stepper motors operate at full force whereas the advantage of a servo motor is that the ability to regulate force in associate degree application.

Applications. If associate degree application needs complete standstill stability, a stepper motor is that the more sensible choice. Servo motors, however, pulsate back and forth on standstill. Servo's area unit higher the selection in vertical applications within which the motor should hold a load still and for swish operations whereas applications like vision system positioning area unit better suited to a stepper motor.

Terminology. 'Servo' is that the term used of a motor applied on a control system. A stepper motor will be optimized for an equivalent application with identical practicality as a servo however at a reduced value and a slower speed.

Micro-stepping. Micro-stepping is that the suggests that of providing half-steps to a motor that gives fewer steps than desired. Micro-stepping is achieved by dividing the present between the 2 poles within the motor thereby increasing the resolution. However, micro-stepping will have associate degree adverse impact on a stepper motor as a result of it will cut back force up to half-hour.

Acceleration. Stepper motors aren't as versatile with force as area unit servo motors. Stepper motors need way more power on acceleration that at the other time so force necessities should lie at intervals the nominal curve for the stepper motor. Peak force for a servo motor should lie at intervals peak force curve and also the Root Mean square force of the general cycle.

Size. makers of stepper motors and servo motors usually supply comparable frame sizes with the sole distinction in size being the length. Length permits totally different torques and inertia values to be obtained by an equivalent size motor, giving larger performance while not increasing the dimensions of the motor or its value. The result's a additional value effective answer that needs less installation house.

Speed. Servo motors area unit renowned for speed but, servo's area unit usually used for applications within which the motor provides additional RPMs than necessary. In such cases, belt drives, as an example, a stepper motor would totally satisfy.

Power. whether or not it is a stepper motor or a servo motor, the additional current applied ends up in additional force. The advantage of a stepper motor during this regard is that the quantity of force that may be generated at a secure voltage.

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