Motor Board

The Motor Board square measure usually accustomed management Two 12V DC motors. Your kit contains a pair of of these boards to allow you to manage up to four motors. These square measure usually used for moving your mechanism, although don't feel you are restricted to victimization them for this purpose.

The speed and direction of the two outputs are controlled severally through the USB interface. The USB interface is isolated from the rest of the board to prevent hurt to the host at intervals the case of a board failure. due to this isolation the board ought to have power applied to the power connexion, from the motor rail on the potence board, to execution. If the board doesn't have power applied to the power connexion then the kit will report that there is a problem with the motor driver board.

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Board Digram


Case Dimensions
The case measures 70x84x20mm. Do not forget that the cables will stick out


You can access the schematics and ASCII text file of the microcode on the motor board within the following places. you are doing not would like this info to use the board however it's going to be of interest to some individuals.

Full Schematics
Firmware supply
Hardware styles
Can be sustained for one second, on one channel. 

If the board is controlled only via the UART affiliation, this voltage should be equipped via the UART instrumentality.

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